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Keep your laws off my body
Poster reads: "Keep your laws off my body"

Don't' even think about it
22" X 28"
Illustration of Trump groping Statue of Liberty
Text in speech bubble: Don't even think about it!

Respect, Honor, Protect, Nurture
The poster is 16" x 20" There are four words, each followed by an illustration representing a word. Respect (Female symbol), Honor (Science symbol), Protect (drawing of Earth), Nurture (Peace Sign).

Party for the 99
We need a party for the 99%

Odio gli indifferenti
"Odio gli indifferenti, odio chi non parteggia" Antonio Gramsci. I hate indifference, I despise people that do not take sides

Poster board, red and black lettering. Center says "inequalities are connected" in black. In red: LGBT, Black Lives Matter, immigrants, love wins, oppression(crossed out), sexual orientation, gender, class, religion, disabilities

Together We Will Rise
Together We Will Rise, with thanks to Shepard Fairey's for the use of his We the People series

Pray Hard & Fight Like Hell
22"x28". Text reads: "PRAY HARD & FIGHT LIKE HELL."

Close All Nuclear Power Plants Now
There are three signs in one photo.
1. Nuclear power affects women more than men
2. No nuclear power plants are ever safe
3. Radioactive waste lasts 240,000-milllions of years
They all have "Close All Nuclear Power Plants Now"
They all have f…

End Mass Incarceration sign 1
1 foot by 2 feet, reading "End Mass Incarceration - Poverty Is Not A Crime" on one side and "Schools Not Prisons" with a "No New Jails" sticker on the other side. Handmade! Poverty and prisons are feminist issues.